Click-N-Manage® offers a software solution:


puts your company in compliance with regulatory and voluntary standards (ISO)


facilitate and improve the management of human resources by publishing a dedicated intranet for employees


reduces costs and optimizes the management systems

Click-N-Manage ® is intended for anyone in business who wants to clarify its organization, secure and optimize its operation.
Click-N-Manage ® facilitates the understanding of the working modes transverse to the company through a web dedicated employees site.

Benefits in 3 points:

Full compatibility with international standards
ISO, ISAS, OHSAS, COSO, Sox, Basel II, …
Simple – Ergonomic – Profitable
Installed in 2 minutes.
Getting intuitive hand without heavy learning.
Time saving in the update of the organization and communicating changes to employees system.
No impact on IT architecture
Installed on single workstation or server.
Access to information via web site.
Accommodation possible distance.